As of four years ago when Curiosity rover landed on Mars in an area called Galle Crater, the little rover discover more evidence that the Red Planet was once a habitable place – capable of hosting microbial life billions years ago. some samples uncovered from the rover reveals this region of the mountain to have a mixture of minerals, chemistry, and textures. With these samples, scientists are able to paint a picture of how ancient groundwater interacted with these rocks and changed over time.

Since then, the rover is currently climbing up a mountain in Gale Crater Called Mountain Sharp by traveling over 9 miles and the further up Curiosity rover gets, the most diverse type of rocks it finds.

The path of NASA’s Curiosity rover so far. | NASA

On this journey, for the first time a new element is found by curiosity called boron inside mineral “veins” on Mount Sharp. Naturally, boron is found in places where water has evaporated, leaving the element behind.

although no direct signs of ancient life have been found just yet on Mars. But base on the discovery Mar could have been habitable. and that increases the odds that life formed there.

NASA pause Curiosity’s trip because they were having difficulty extending Curiosity’s drill, meanwhile their engineers at the space agency try to figure out what is wrong.


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